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You only have to know one thing

You can learn anything

You only have to know one thing

You can learn anything

Asha Pharmacy College

We are highly captivated to welcome you all in Asha Pharmacy College (APC), Where education does not commence only with the 'Books'. Our aim is to impart all round quality education to the Students with a view to shape them into well rounded, welladjusted and well-tuned Professionals, capable of making their future in various walks of life. We are designed to achieve efficient prefectural system in pharmacy for students.

Asha Pharmacy College (APC) came into existence since 2019, is exclusively consecrated in the field of Pharmaceutical education & research and continuously generating pharmacy graduates and post graduates. It's also offering opportunities to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry right from licensed pharmacists to pharmaceutical scientists who develop the medications, actively involved in dosage form design, conduct research, recrudesce formulation and are administrators in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gallant and aspirational, down-to-earth and friendly, we offer you a world-class learning experience that's bedded in a rich educational heritage at APC. Cutting-edge research and innovation feeds into teaching resources and methodologies, while you'll find countless opportunities for extra-curricular activities and skills development.

By choosing to study at the Asha Pharmacy College (APC) you are investing in an education that will help you build a successful future. We will support your learning by providing an educational experience designed to help you unlock and explore your full potential.


The Courses We Offer

5.00 out of 5
The B.Pharm is one of the popular job oriented course among the science students after class 12th...
5.00 out of 5
Diploma in Pharmacy is an undergraduate Diploma Course in the medical field of Pharmacy...

Why Asha Pharmacy?

Is to Bring together the creativity and zeal of rural and urban students and develop them to become successful professionals through imparting world class quality education at our college.

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