HOD,Department of Pharmacognosy
Department of Pharmacognosy

Research in pharmacognosy is important because it leads to new forms of Biotechnology; new types of Therapeutic agents; new molecular probes that can be used to study molecular/cell biology; new pest controls to help protect crops; increased understanding of the pharmacological, ecological and biochemical roles of molecules produced by nature; information on herbal medicines; and new methods for the analysis of drugs, toxins and herbal preparations. Pharmacognosy has undergone significant change in recent years and today represents a highly interdisciplinary science, which is one of five major areas of Pharmaceutical education.

Facilities include several labs for conducting research as well as for teaching, Botanical facilities such as Botanical garden, the green house or the herbarium and Museum and two large historic collections, containing the crude drug collection and pharmaceutical object collection. The lab is equipped with different equipments include-

  • Microtome
  • Projection Microscope
  • Incinerator
  • Digital Balance
  • Digital PH meter
  • Moisture balance
  • Micro centrifuge
  • Micropipettes
  • Zone reader
  • BOD Incubator