HOD,Department of Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology involves the discovery of new drugs, the investigation of how drugs work and the use of drugs to probe mechanisms of disease, also involves the elucidation and manipulation of macromolecular structures, the analysis of regulatory mechanisms in cell biology and development, and the translation of this information into clinical research. Thus, the science of pharmacology spans the most fundamental aspects of basic research, through transgenic animal models, to clinical investigation.

Pharmacology Department :
The role of pharmacology department is to provide research skills and to train the students of high quality graduates in pharmaceutical sciences discipline. The faculty of pharmacology department is well renowned for their clinical pharmacology research skills. The department of pharmacology is proud of its excellence in maintaining its research lab and the central government approved animal house of international standard. The research projects in the Department are highly interdisciplinary covering the complete range from basic to clinical science. The ongoing research projects of our department are

  • Anti diabetic studies
  • Anti analgesic studies
  • Anti inflammatory studies
  • Hepatoprotective studies
  • Studies related to Central Nervous System
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Psychopharmacological studies
  • Activities of various drugs on Isolated tissue preparations, etcs

The Pharmacology lab offers the student the chance to carry out in-vivo experimentation on rat, guinea pig, rabbit etc., in-vitro studies on different models of diseases and evaluation of drugs action etc. The students are also trained extensively for preclinical studies on animals and theoretical exposure of clinical studies on human beings keeping in mind Good Clinical Practices (GCP). The lab is equipped with 20 sets of organ bath, Sherrington rotating drum and other equipments for isolated tissue experiments